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March 2017 Archives

Contract disputes between Monsanto and another seed company

Illinois farmers and many home gardeners are likely familiar with Monsanto. The company is a lead manufacturer of genetically engineered seeds and glyphosate-based products such as Roundup. Many people who advocate sustainable farming adamantly oppose the products made by Monsanto as well as the political and regulatory power the company seems to have. The agrochemical mogul is also no stranger to contract disputes; however, its representatives may have been surprised when a recent ruling did not go their way in court.

Contract negotiation didn't go so well, workers strike

There have been many times in Illinois where a dissatisfied worker walks off the job. This is not all that uncommon in today's business world. However, when 17,000 employees do so together, it's a clear sign that a contract negotiation might not have gone so well.

Developer sues for millions in breach of contract claim

Vacant buildings dot Illinois urban landscapes as many others do in cities throughout the nation. Such structures can become eyesores if left unattended for extended periods of times. A developer in another state had plans to renovate a particular building and bought it from a city in another state. The same developer has since filed a lawsuit, however, claiming that city officials committed a breach of contract

Ways to avoid stress during divorce

When you got married, you likely never imagined you'd one day be standing in an Illinois courtroom fighting for custody of your children. While most couples hope their unions will last a lifetime, the reality is that many marriages are at some risk for divorce. What makes one couple decide to stay together and another to divide their assets and go their separate ways is different for everyone.