Contract disputes result in shutting down of theater group

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Contract disputes result in shutting down of theater group

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2017 | Contract Disputes

In Illinois and elsewhere, behind the scenes of community theater productions is often said to be wrought with as much drama as the stage. From actors that don’t get along to sordid love affairs between cast members, one never knows what goes on when the curtain closes. Contract disputes are also not uncommon and, if left unresolved can lead to serious problems.

A theater group known as “Dead Writers Collective” has apparently closed its own curtain for good. It seems a particular situation between a leading lady and the co-founder/director of the group not only was not able to be rectified, but led to allegations of harassment and abuse, which reportedly prompted the co-founder to resign and disband the troupe. It all started when the group was preparing for a major upcoming production, and a key player informed everyone she was taking another job instead.

The co-founder was reportedly quite upset and entered into a rather contentious exchange on Facebook regarding the matter. He claimed the actress had breached her contract and allegedly informed her he had the power to ruin her reputation among other producers and acting groups in the area. The actress said she was leaving because she had been offered a better paying position elsewhere.

Various other performers came forward to support the actress. Although this particular situation resulted in the entire acting group closing its doors for good, not all contract disputes end that way. In fact, many Illinois businesspeople have had very successful results by relying on the negotiating skills of experienced business and commercial law attorneys.

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