Teachers end strike, but contract disputes remain unresolved

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Teachers end strike, but contract disputes remain unresolved

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2017 | Contract Disputes

Illinois teachers can likely relate to a group of educators in another area who have been battling district administrators for months over several unresolved issues related to their contracts. Contract disputes within the field of education can cause negative repercussions for more people than those directly involved. Teachers’ strikes often mean there is no one in the classrooms to instruct the children. Sometimes substitutes are brought in for this purpose; however, they are not typically able to teach a full curriculum.

The situation in another state involves a contract that expired on the last of June 2016. In negotiations for a new agreement, teachers’ union members requested various improvements in connection with their salaries and health care benefits. District representatives say the teachers have made very unfair demands that would be far too expensive to oblige.

Regular classes in the Pennsylvania school resumed on a recent Tuesday after a two-week teachers’ strike. The district has issued statements saying they believe the agreement they have offered is top-rate, fair and highly competitive. They have requested a neutral party review of the proposed contract to confirm their opinion.

Representatives from both sides met January 17, 2017 but were apparently unable to reach an amicable agreement. A district spokesmen said not only are they no closer to a reasonable outcome than they were when the teachers went on strike, but the strike itself was a great waste of time and didn’t solve the problem. The union has rejected all verbal offers made by the district. Retaining the help of an experienced Illinois attorney may bear positive impact on unresolved contract disputes in this state.

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