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January 2017 Archives

Teachers end strike, but contract disputes remain unresolved

Illinois teachers can likely relate to a group of educators in another area who have been battling district administrators for months over several unresolved issues related to their contracts. Contract disputes within the field of education can cause negative repercussions for more people than those directly involved. Teachers' strikes often mean there is no one in the classrooms to instruct the children. Sometimes substitutes are brought in for this purpose; however, they are not typically able to teach a full curriculum.

Robin Thicke and former wife fighting over child custody

Actor Alan Thicke unexpectedly passed away in December 2016. His son, Robin, did not invite his former wife to his father's funeral. He later claimed she never liked his father anyway and would only want to be there for publicity purposes. He has also stated that their current child custody battle began when she grew angry at being excluded from her former father-in-law's burial services. Some Illinois readers may relate to such issues.

Requesting modifications of existing child custody order

Illinois parents often return to court after divorce when various circumstances arise regarding their children. From child support issues to court order modifications, there are many reasons a parent may seek the court's approval or intervention months or even years after a divorce is finalized. Sometimes, the process is swift, and parties reach amicable solutions. Other times, a parent may run into obstacles if the other parent refuses to cooperate.

Contract disputes rage on between DirecTV and Hearst Television

DirecTV subscribers in Illinois may be among others across the nation who are feeling frustrated when they try to watch their favorite television programs and discover the stations have been blocked. Contract disputes between DirecTV and Hearst Television are apparently the cause of the stations being pulled. Some say there is no likely end in sight to the current dispute.