Incuding business formation in New Year’s resolutions

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Incuding business formation in New Year’s resolutions

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2016 | Business Formation & Planning

As 2017 approaches, you may be among others in Illinois who are compiling lists of resolutions for the new year. Some lists focus on exercising more while others note a number of bad habits to break. Some people, perhaps yourself included, have business formation ideas they hope to bring to fruition as a new year gets underway.

When launching a new business, it is common practice to hire an accountant. An obvious benefit of doing so is that you’d have someone to help you when it comes time to file federal and state tax returns. You may also want to speak with a business and commercial law attorney before “stepping out into the deep” in a new business venture.

An experienced attorney can provide vital assistance regarding copyrights, zoning compliance laws and a number of other business-related matters. Many new business owners are concerned with avoiding lawsuits and liabilities; this is another area in which a seasoned attorney’s services may be a significant asset. In fact, you can retain the help of a business advocate to remain by your side from the ground up, so-to-speak, ensuring that sound guidance is always just a phone call away when needed during any phase of the business formation process.

McCarthy & Allen is prepared to assist new business owners in Illinois, as well as those whose operations have been in place for some time. If you have questions regarding business formation laws, or are facing challenges in connection with a particular issue, we can provide information to help clarify the situation. Many business owners find that by relying on experienced representation, they are better able to make informed decisions and pave their ways toward successful business futures.

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