Special programs president files breach of contract claims

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Special programs president files breach of contract claims

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2016 | Closely Held Businesses

The president of Pinnacle Behavorial Health, a special services program outside Illinois, has become engaged in a contentious battle against a local school board (and its superintendent) with whom it was contracted to provide services. The president of the special services program has filed breach of contract claims against the defendants. She has also requested that the court prohibit the school from canceling the contract.

The Pinnacle company has accused the school board of failing to pay for services it provided. The lawsuit was reportedly filed just after the school board had voted to cut ties with the program provider. Supposedly, the contractual relationship between the two has been unstable since a former superintendent unexpectedly resigned several months ago. Matters were apparently further complicated when he announced that he was involved in a romantic relationship with Pinnacle’s president. The new superintendent has raised questions about certain payments that were made to Pinnacle during the former superintendent’s service.

The school board has come out fighting, stating  allegations of a contract breach and failure to pay for services are downright false. Spokespersons say they intend to fully defend the school board against the accusations. Counter accusations were also made, claiming Pinnacle sent at least 80 students home or back to schools in their own zones without first notifying the school system, as required.

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