How post-decree modifications can affect lifestyles

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How post-decree modifications can affect lifestyles

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2016 | Child Custody

Former spouses facing child-related issues in Illinois may be greatly challenged by disagreements regarding what is best for a child. Achieving an amicable solution is often easiest when experienced assistance is sought. Especially in situations in which one parent is requesting modifications to an existing court order, the potential outcome may bear significant impact on a family’s lifestyle, making it beneficial to act alongside outside representation.

Parents seek modifications of child custody, visitation or support orders for various reasons. Some who have done so in the past were relocating due to job changes, and the distance between their new homes and their children’s residences was too great to maintain current visitation schedules. Others have asked that support payments be lowered because their incomes decreased.

Whether you are the one seeking a modification or are concerned with a request that is being submitted by your child’s other parent, McCarthy & Allen is available to discuss the situation and help you determine how best to proceed to address your particular situation. Perhaps, your former spouse has told you that he or she can no longer pay the child support you need to provide for your son or daughter’s care. In another common situation, you may have been offered a wonderful job opportunity in another state, but the other parent involved has challenged your right to relocate with your child.

Obtaining swift and peaceable solutions to child-related issues may be possible by acting alongside experienced guidance. McCarthy & Allen, in Illinois, remains dedicated to keeping children’s best interests at heart when seeking solutions to problems concerning modifications. With a skilled advocate on your side, you can protect your parental rights and move forward toward a successful future.

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