Contract disputes resolved: Heavy metal band to be paid millions

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Contract disputes resolved: Heavy metal band to be paid millions

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2016 | Contract Disputes

Arguments often arise between recording artists and their record label companies. It is not uncommon for rock stars to switch labels when they become more popular or are otherwise dissatisfied with the services they have received. Contract disputes that have been ongoing for five years between the heavy metal band known as A Day to Remember and Victory Records were recently resolved in the band’s favor in a courtroom outside Illinois.

The contentious debates between the band and the recording company centered on an alleged number of record releases the company said the band still owed as part of their contract. Victory Records also claimed the band owed the company money. The band, however, said they had already provided several re-releases and live performances that fulfilled their agreement.

A jury determined the band had indeed fulfilled all the obligations and responsibilities of their contract with Victory Records. The company must now pay A Day to Remember approximately $4 million in overdue royalties and other previously withheld proceeds. A spokesperson for the band said it anticipates the recording company will file an appeal, but for now, band members are quite satisfied with the verdict.

Contract disputes such as this one have been going on for ages. In fact, there are many Illinois business people who are currently struggling to resolve similar issues. If a disagreement seems impossible to resolve without intervention, a concerned party or parties may request assistance from a business and commercial law attorney who can offer guidance as to how best to proceed to obtain a swift and economically feasible solution to a particular problem.

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