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November 2016 Archives

Contract disputes resolved: Heavy metal band to be paid millions

Arguments often arise between recording artists and their record label companies. It is not uncommon for rock stars to switch labels when they become more popular or are otherwise dissatisfied with the services they have received. Contract disputes that have been ongoing for five years between the heavy metal band known as A Day to Remember and Victory Records were recently resolved in the band's favor in a courtroom outside Illinois.

Avoiding visitation problems during the holidays

Adapting to a new parenting plan after divorce can be quite challenging for former spouses in Illinois and elsewhere. With a new holiday season approaching, many parents might be worried that confusion or discord will arise regarding visitation schedules. To prevent such problems, some people have special holiday instructions included in their court orders.

A former wife is back in court to fight for alimony

Many former couples in Illinois are able to reach amicable settlements in divorce. However, settlement agreements must be kept by both sides in order to obtain such positive results. If a former spouse does not adhere to the terms contained in an agreement, trouble may ensue. This appears to be the case for one woman who has gone back to court to fight for alimony she says she's entitled to but has yet to receive.

How post-decree modifications can affect lifestyles

Former spouses facing child-related issues in Illinois may be greatly challenged by disagreements regarding what is best for a child. Achieving an amicable solution is often easiest when experienced assistance is sought. Especially in situations in which one parent is requesting modifications to an existing court order, the potential outcome may bear significant impact on a family's lifestyle, making it beneficial to act alongside outside representation.

Special programs president files breach of contract claims

The president of Pinnacle Behavorial Health, a special services program outside Illinois, has become engaged in a contentious battle against a local school board (and its superintendent) with whom it was contracted to provide services. The president of the special services program has filed breach of contract claims against the defendants. She has also requested that the court prohibit the school from canceling the contract.