Fathers’ rights major child custody issue in Illinois

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Fathers’ rights major child custody issue in Illinois

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2016 | Family Law

There are all sorts of reasons two parents in Illinois might fight over the future care and upbringing of their children, and such arguments are common in divorce. In divorces, certain issues are prone to contention, one of them being child custody. One would assume most parents desire what is best for their children; the problem is that during a custody battle, parents might have opposing opinions on the issue.

A common cause of friction when parents are having difficulty resolving custody problems has to do with fathers’ rights. Decades ago, the court was often of the opinion that children of divorce were better off with their mothers. Times have changed, however, and this is far from being always the case.

Nowadays, studies show most children fare much better when they maintain close relationships with both parents after divorce. Unless there is evidence that being with one parent or the other would pose a risk to a child, the court is likely to encourage future parenting plans to include opportunities for children to spend ample amounts of time with both parents. It is sometimes necessary for a father to officially establish his parental rights in court before taking on his post-divorce role as a guiding force in his children’s lives.

Child custody issues may be easily resolved if both parents are willing to cooperate and compromise. When a breakdown in communication exists, achieving positive results may not be so easy. In such situations in the past, many Illinois parents have reached out for support by contacting attorneys with family law experience.

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