Contract disputes lead to worker strike in another state

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Contract disputes lead to worker strike in another state

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2016 | Contract Disputes

In Illinois and throughout the nation, relationships between workers and management are often fragile. Contract disputes that arise may have immediate negative effects, not only on workers and their families, but business success as well. Other situations, such as those involving potentially successful real estate deals, may also grind to abrupt halts when negotiations stall.

A situation between union laborers and management in another state erupted when a contract that expired in March was not successfully renewed. Workers say management is being unfair regarding pensions, benefits and starting wages. A spokesperson for the laborers, who has been with the company for at least three decades, said he and his colleagues are fighting for their jobs and believe the community will support their decision to strike.

The president of the local union said there has not been a strike at the factory since the 1970s. Management responded by issuing a public statement saying the company is committed to negotiating an amicable agreement, but must also continue to offer good jobs at competitive wages. The company said it plans to continue production during the workers’ strike.

Contract disputes between laborers and management, or business associates negotiating real estate deals, do occur in Illinois. Achieving swift and agreeable solutions, however, is not always possible when communications break down. In the past, many have successfully overcome such obstacles by retaining experienced guidance and effective representation. A first logical step to take in the process would be to arrange a meeting in order to discuss a particular contract problem and explore available options toward resolution.

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