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October 2016 Archives

Basketball star Scottie Pippen facing child custody issues

Divorce for couples in Illinois or elsewhere is seldom easy, and extenuating issues involving children often make it all the more challenging. When people engaged in a child custody battle happen to be famous, things can get very stressful when their family business is aired to the nation. Former NBA player Scottie Pippen can likely relate to this. He has divorced from his wife of 19 years, and the two are currently battling over custody and child support.

Fathers' rights major child custody issue in Illinois

There are all sorts of reasons two parents in Illinois might fight over the future care and upbringing of their children, and such arguments are common in divorce. In divorces, certain issues are prone to contention, one of them being child custody. One would assume most parents desire what is best for their children; the problem is that during a custody battle, parents might have opposing opinions on the issue.

Contract disputes lead to worker strike in another state

In Illinois and throughout the nation, relationships between workers and management are often fragile. Contract disputes that arise may have immediate negative effects, not only on workers and their families, but business success as well. Other situations, such as those involving potentially successful real estate deals, may also grind to abrupt halts when negotiations stall.

Lifestyle change may cause modifications issues to arise

It is not uncommon for parents to face challenges regarding the future care and upbringing of their children after divorce. Especially where issues of custody and visitation are concerned, extenuating circumstances may require particular support in order to obtain a positive solution to the problem. For instance, if an Illinois parent who is scheduled to visit a child once a week is forced to move a greater distance away because of employment (making it impossible to be there for each visit) a request for modifications of a court order can be made.