Solving house-selling problems related to divorce

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Solving house-selling problems related to divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2016 | Divorce

Various issues may arise when a married couple in Illinois no longer wishes to remain together. Divorce is often a difficult and lengthy process. If a couple owns a home together, they may face challenges when it comes to deciding whether the house they shared in marriage should be sold.

Some couples who decide to list their houses on the market may choose to allow one former spouse to continue to live in the home until someone buys it. During such time, one or both persons may continue to make mortgage payments on a house. If so, decisions must be made regarding whether such payments will be credited at the time of sale.

Other details of concern must often be addressed when it comes to selling a home after divorce. Choosing a real estate agency, determining a listing price and other issues may lead to arguments in situations where there has been a breakdown in communication. A family law attorney is often able to help former spouses avoid contentious debates by assisting in negotiations.

A house is often the largest asset in a divorce. Many houses are in pristine conditions while others are in need of extensive repairs. Who should be responsible for the cost of such repairs, who will retain possession of a house until it is sold and other related issues may be more easily resolved through experienced guidance from a family law attorney. Anyone in Illinois in need of such guidance may contact a law office to schedule a consultation.

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