Contract disputes — Joey Bosa finally signs his NFL contract

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Contract disputes — Joey Bosa finally signs his NFL contract

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2016 | Contract Disputes

Various types of challenges may arise when the details of a potential business arrangement result in disagreement. Contract disputes are not uncommon, but often cause serious delays in service, production or other work-related transactions. While most Illinois business owners and workers try to avoid contention, sometimes problems are difficult to resolve without professional assistance.

Contracts that are validly signed may be legally binding in court. For this, and many other reasons, anyone considering entering a signed agreement should first make sure all terms contained therein are understood. Contracts typically mean that each party will be obligated in some way or have certain responsibilities to fulfill an agreement.

In some situations, disputes often surround issues pertaining to pay and benefits. Such was the case in a recent disagreement that made news because it involved an NFL defensive lineman. Joey Bosa, drafted as a first-round pick after a standout career at Ohio State University, is said to have missed summer training camp because of problems with his contract.

San Diego Chargers General Manager, Tom Telesco, announced the team’s joy in welcoming Bosa onto the field since his contract disputes have finally been resolved. Telesco said they are doing everything they can to help Bosa prepare for the upcoming 2016 football season as quickly as possible. Those in Illinois facing similar contract-related problems may seek assistance by contacting a business and commercial law attorney in the area for guidance. An experienced attorney is able to explore various options to help protect a client’s personal and business interests while seeking positive resolutions to all contract-related disagreements.

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