Airline says it wants to continue contract negotiation

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Airline says it wants to continue contract negotiation

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2016 | Contract Disputes

Illinois has many airports that serve as portals to both inbound and outbound flights every day. When airline employers and workers face contract negotiation problems, it may adversely affect air travel for thousands. A situation in another state has apparently escalated, made evident by a recent workers’ strike.

Southwest airlines mechanics have made it known they are no longer willing to work without a new contract, as they have been doing for the past four years. A spokesperson for the mechanics also stated they are very concerned about future job stability. Their worries were reportedly prompted by the airline’s frequent outsourcing of mechanic work. The president of the Airline Mechanics Fraternal Association said that although they are professionals and do deserve pay increases, money is not the only important issue at hand.

The vice president of a consulting firm stated that airline managers must determine the most fiscally responsible means for maintaining their planes. Flight attendants, pilots and union workers have shown support for the Southwest airlines mechanics. Many of them joined the mechanics on a recent Friday as they staged a picket line to protest against management.

Airline officials have expressed their desire to continue contract negotiation meetings with those involved. They also said they have already offered incremental pay raises and signing bonuses to mechanics. In Illinois and other areas, such situations often evoke strong emotions on both sides. To prevent angry outbursts and avert public protests, it is often helpful to secure skilled and experienced assistance to obtain fair and agreeable solutions to contract problems.

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