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September 2016 Archives

Airline says it wants to continue contract negotiation

Illinois has many airports that serve as portals to both inbound and outbound flights every day. When airline employers and workers face contract negotiation problems, it may adversely affect air travel for thousands. A situation in another state has apparently escalated, made evident by a recent workers' strike.

Solving house-selling problems related to divorce

Various issues may arise when a married couple in Illinois no longer wishes to remain together. Divorce is often a difficult and lengthy process. If a couple owns a home together, they may face challenges when it comes to deciding whether the house they shared in marriage should be sold.

Court orders not always permanent--modifications may be possible

Parents who divorce in Illinois and elsewhere often go to great lengths to negotiate plans that protect their children's interests and provide for their best possible future. Many issues that arise involve intensely personal topics, such as child custody, visitation and potential financial support. If former spouses do not agree, frustration levels on both sides may escalate. Since life is an ever-changing event, there are also situations where court orders have already been issued, but circumstances prompt a parent to request modifications.

Contract disputes -- Joey Bosa finally signs his NFL contract

Various types of challenges may arise when the details of a potential business arrangement result in disagreement. Contract disputes are not uncommon, but often cause serious delays in service, production or other work-related transactions. While most Illinois business owners and workers try to avoid contention, sometimes problems are difficult to resolve without professional assistance.