Options for those facing child custody challenges in Illinois

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Options for those facing child custody challenges in Illinois

On Behalf of | Aug 18, 2016 | Divorce

When divorce involves a break down in communication between former spouses, adapting to new lifestyles may prove challenging. Especially with regard to child custody, visitation or child support issues, stress levels can skyrocket if a former spouse refuses to cooperate or compromise. There are several options available when seeking experienced guidance in such circumstances.

Attorneys McCarthy & Allen serve clients in southwest Illinois and surrounding regions. As a family law practice, our dedicated team is committed to helping families accomplish their immediate and long-term goals regarding a wide variety of situations. Whether you currently face divorce-related problems that pertain to your children, or are having trouble finding solutions to business-related matters, you can take the first steps toward positive resolutions by requesting a consultation.

The future care and upbringing of children is a paramount concern for many parents who divorce. Often, a key factor in creating a new and agreeable parenting plan is skilled and experienced negotiation and the desire to settle differences in an amicable fashion. Relying on sound counsel and effective representation may increase one’s chances of obtaining favorable results.

McCarthy & Allen is prepared to advocate for your best interests and help you exercise your parental rights as you seek solutions to family law issues that may be keeping you from moving forward. If you have questions about child custody laws in Illinois, or wish to seek modification of an existing court order, you can contact us via the toll free phone number available on our website for your convenience. We are ready to help you obtain the best outcome possible for you and your family.

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