Basketball great, Kobe Bryant, assists in business formation

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Basketball great, Kobe Bryant, assists in business formation

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2016 | Business Formation & Planning

Illinois fans of basketball superstar, Kobe Bryant, may already be aware of his passion for helping entrepreneurs. He has shared his passion and keen abilities to recognize potential greatness in prospective business owners. He and an independent investor have joined efforts to help others in the business formation phases of their companies.

Bryant and his unofficial partner have apparently funded at least 15 companies along their roads to success over the past several years. The recently retired NBA star said he loves to help those who believe in their dreams and are willing to overcome all obstacles to bring them to fruition. As investment partners, the pair has plans to set up a $100 million fund aimed at helping tech, data and media companies launch into greatness.

Neither Bryant nor his investing partner plan to seek outside resources at this time. They say they will supply all monies for the investment fund themselves and estimate that the funds will remain available for the next several years. Other professional athletes have reportedly set up similar investment fund programs.

When exploring the many options available regarding business formation in Illinois, it is not uncommon to have questions regarding state and federal laws, as well as other pertinent matters that may effect one’s potential future success. Discussing such issues with an experienced counselor often helps bring clarity to a situation so that one is able to make informed decisions that help accomplish immediate and long-term business goals. Such counsel can often be sought through consultation with a business and commercial law attorney.

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