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August 2016 Archives

Chris Brown prevails in child custody battle

Communication breakdowns between parents often lead to contentious situations. Sometimes, unresolved child custody issues lead to litigation in Illinois if one parent is unable to attain a fair agreement through negotiations due to the other parent's refusal to cooperate. Singer/actor/dancer, Chris Brown, has reportedly been engaged in an ongoing battle of this sort with the mother of his 1-year-old daughter.

Basketball great, Kobe Bryant, assists in business formation

Illinois fans of basketball superstar, Kobe Bryant, may already be aware of his passion for helping entrepreneurs. He has shared his passion and keen abilities to recognize potential greatness in prospective business owners. He and an independent investor have joined efforts to help others in the business formation phases of their companies.

Options for those facing child custody challenges in Illinois

When divorce involves a break down in communication between former spouses, adapting to new lifestyles may prove challenging. Especially with regard to child custody, visitation or child support issues, stress levels can skyrocket if a former spouse refuses to cooperate or compromise. There are several options available when seeking experienced guidance in such circumstances.

What to do in the face of contract disputes that cause delays

Illinois business owners are often faced with challenges concerning signed agreements with others. Contract disputes that remain unresolved may cause serious delays in production and negatively impact the bottom line. Any businessperson facing such issues will want to be aware of what it means to breach a contract and what options are available toward swift and fair resolutions to such problems.

Resolving visitation complications in Illinois courts

Various types of issues may bring complications to family law situations involving child and parent relations after divorce. With regard to custody and visitation rights, some parents may be more challenged than others. In particular, unmarried fathers in Illinois and elsewhere have often found it difficult to protect their parental rights.