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July 2016 Archives

Practical tips that may help during Illinois business formation

Budding entrepreneurs in Illinois have much to think about and plan when developing new ideas for businesses. The business formation phase of a project is often crucial toward its future success potential. There are several things to keep in mind when entering this stage.

Frankel and Hoppy resolve child custody and divorce issues

Choosing to end a marriage is seldom easy. Illinois couples who are facing issues may be familiar with many challenges others have gone through before them. When divorce issues are intertwined with child custody matters, things can quickly become complicated and stressful. Such seems to have been the case for celebrities, Bethenny Franker and her now former husband, Jason Hoppy.

Things to keep in mind when facing contract disputes in Illinois

Illinois is home to all types of businesses. Some are small and privately owned, while others are large corporations with many shareholders. Regardless of size or type, no business owner wants to experience delays or lose profits due to contract disputes. When disagreements arise, however, keeping certain things in mind may help those involved reach amicable solutions in a timely manner.

Oracle says it will appeal recent verdict re contract disputes

Software developer Oracle has been engaged in a battle with Hewlett-Packard regarding a contract between the two. HP claims the contract disputes arose because Oracle failed to honor its obligations contained within a signed agreement. Oracle, however, alleged that it was never bound by such a contract with Hewlett-Packard. A judge in a state outside Illinois ruled on the matter in 2012, determining that a contract did indeed exist.