Contract negotiation apparently not going well for Delta pilots

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Contract negotiation apparently not going well for Delta pilots

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2016 | Contract Disputes

Illinois business success often hinges on the relationships between management and its workforce. If either party is not satisfied with a current business arrangement, production and daily business functions may be impeded. A recent contract negotiation that has apparently been ongoing for more than a year has reportedly resulted in a group of Delta Airline pilots staging a strike.

Approximately 100 commercial airline pilots demonstrated. They carried various signs in groups of 20 at a time. These pilots are said to be part of as many as 1,400 other airline pilots who staged similar protests at airports in cities throughout the nation. Their main argument seems to be that they believe their skills are worth much more than they’re being paid.

A spokesman for the pilots said that many took as much as a 40 percent pay cut when the airline went bankrupt  a while back. A contract was offered in 2015, but the pilots rejected it. The newly proposed deal apparently requires them to reduce their profit sharing opportunities, something they are not willing to do.

It seems that the airline’s revenues have increased three-fold in the past year. The pilots claim that management and others have enjoyed pay increases, yet the pilots have been without a contract for more than five months. Whether the contract negotiation will reach an amicable conclusion remains to be seen. Anyone in Illinois with questions or concerns regarding similar business issues may find it helpful to address their situations with an experienced business and commercial law attorney. Doing so often increases the chances of a swift and agreeable outcome.

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