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June 2016 Archives

Contract negotiation apparently not going well for Delta pilots

Illinois business success often hinges on the relationships between management and its workforce. If either party is not satisfied with a current business arrangement, production and daily business functions may be impeded. A recent contract negotiation that has apparently been ongoing for more than a year has reportedly resulted in a group of Delta Airline pilots staging a strike.

Resolving Illinois contract disputes in a timely manner

There are all sorts of booming businesses throughout Illinois. Some of these exist in cyberspace only, while others comprise brick and mortar buildings. In all types of business, contract disputes are a risk and typically something business owners try to prevent. Those that linger can cause great impediments to productivity and profitability.

Business formation can occur over span of several years

It is not likely that one would develop a new idea for an Illinois business and be up and running overnight. In a world of advanced technology and continual internet access, virtual business owners may sometimes achieve such feats. More typically, however, business formation occurs over a span of time, often several years or more.

Seeking child support in an Illinois divorce

Illinois parents choosing to divorce often face challenges regarding various issues that pertain to the future care and upbringing of their children. Divorce is seldom easy, and every member of a family is forced to make changes and adapt to new lifestyles that may include different standards of living from what they were used to in the past. Often, a parent finds it necessary to seek financial support for children in preparation for life after divorce.