Legal challenges continue for Sinead O’Connor after divorce

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Legal challenges continue for Sinead O’Connor after divorce

On Behalf of | May 24, 2016 | Divorce

When two people in Illinois choose to end a marriage, the impact of the situation may be long-lasting. Every couple’s situation is different, and when extenuating circumstances are present, it often makes matters more difficult. This seems to be the case for rock superstar Sinead O’Connor after her divorce from her former husband. She recently published an angry letter to him and their adult son, saying she looks forward to the day when they can all hash out their situation in court for the public to see.

Apparently, O’Connor has repeatedly suffered bouts of mental illness that include thoughts of suicide. She blames her grown son and former husband for many of her mental struggles. She says they abandoned her and continue to cause her such anguish that she is unable to work.

In her recent note, she tells both men that she intends to sue for damages that include lost wages for more than a year’s time. She also said she wants them to pay her medical bills and provide financial recovery for the emotional trauma she continues to suffer to this day. The legal battles O’Connor currently faces with her former spouse are in addition to the $5 million lawsuit filed against her by comedian Arsenio Hall after she reportedly claimed that he supplied now deceased rock singer Prince with drugs.

Divorce is seldom easy for couples in Illinois or anywhere, for that matter. When issues of mental illness or other intensely personal situations arise, things can become very complicated in a hurry. It is advisable to seek immediate legal assistance when trying to prepare oneself to face such issues in court.

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