Contract disputes prompt thousands of teachers to call in sick

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Contract disputes prompt thousands of teachers to call in sick

On Behalf of | May 3, 2016 | Contract Disputes

Various business entities and institutions use contracted agreements as means to defining, securing and upholding services promised, sales procured or any number of other formal transactions, often including payroll issues. Contract disputes often arise when one or more parties to an agreement believe that a breach has occurred. Validly signed contracts are legally binding; therefore, anyone in Illinois who believes a contract breach has occurred may want to seek legal counsel to determine how best to resolve the issue.

In another state, more than 2,000 school teachers have apparently called in sick in response to recent news that the district is unable to keep its promise to pay them after June 30, 2016. Reportedly, 97 schools and more than 40,000 students are affected by the sickout faculty members have staged. Many teachers apparently agreed to receive pay throughout the year, and they were recently shocked when told there is not enough money after all to cover their year-round pay checks.

Concerned teachers claim they were informed that there was more than $48 million allocated to cover the summer time pay for two-thirds of staff members who had agreed to the plan. The massive sickout will possibly cause all scheduled summer classes and extended special services in the school district to be cancelled. Whether Legislature will approve more funds to be sent to the district is yet to be determined.

Business and commercial law attorneys often help clients facing similar contract disputes in Illinois. It is crucial that all signed parties to an agreement possess thorough understanding of legal terms therein in order to clearly define all obligations and responsibilities inherent in a contract. An experienced attorney can provide legal counsel and effective representation to make sure that a legally binding contract is upheld.

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