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May 2016 Archives

Legal challenges continue for Sinead O'Connor after divorce

When two people in Illinois choose to end a marriage, the impact of the situation may be long-lasting. Every couple's situation is different, and when extenuating circumstances are present, it often makes matters more difficult. This seems to be the case for rock superstar Sinead O'Connor after her divorce from her former husband. She recently published an angry letter to him and their adult son, saying she looks forward to the day when they can all hash out their situation in court for the public to see.

Good planning often key to business formation in Illinois

Prospective business owners in Illinois often face many legal hurdles as they develop their visions for future success. Good planning is typically key to a productive and profitable business. However, attempting to formulate such plans without legal guidance often leaves one open to many obstacles during the business formation phase.

Avoiding contract disputes in Illinois businesses

There are any number of reasons that an Illinois business owner might need to sign a contract with employees or other parties indirectly related to business transactions and projects. Company owners and workers alike typically want to avoid contract disputes, which can greatly impede workplace success. Once a dispute arises, the negative effects can be immediate and long-lasting; any unresolved disagreement has the potential to linger, causing decline in employee morale and increasing frustration on both sides of an issue.

Contract disputes prompt thousands of teachers to call in sick

Various business entities and institutions use contracted agreements as means to defining, securing and upholding services promised, sales procured or any number of other formal transactions, often including payroll issues. Contract disputes often arise when one or more parties to an agreement believe that a breach has occurred. Validly signed contracts are legally binding; therefore, anyone in Illinois who believes a contract breach has occurred may want to seek legal counsel to determine how best to resolve the issue.