NFL camp might be minus 1 player due to contract disputes

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NFL camp might be minus 1 player due to contract disputes

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2016 | Contract Disputes

In all facets of Illinois business, situations may arise where an employee and employer disagree about benefits, pay or duties and responsibilities required in a particular job position. Such disagreements often result in contract disputes that can impede production or create other obstacles to the personal success of the worker and the business as a whole. A recent dispute involves NFL Broncos’ linebacker, Brandon Marshall, who apparently may not be training with his team if his employers do not meet his contract requests.

Marshall was a key player in his team’s Super Bowl run last season. At that time, he is said to have been paid nearly half a million dollars for his role on the team. This year, the Broncos have allegedly offered him a substantial pay increase of approximately $2 million. Apparently, Marshall — who is in his fourth NFL season — wants a signed, long-term agreement.

Voluntary team workouts are scheduled to begin in mid-April 2016. Mandatory training camp is slated for June. It remains to be seen whether Marshall will attend either of these training camps.

Contract disputes in Illinois are often resolved more quickly through the assistance of an experienced business and commercial law attorney. An attorney can help clarify all legal terms and obligations contained within a proposed agreement and protect a client’s best interests while seeking a fair and just resolution to any contract disagreement. Sometimes, business disputes lead to court proceedings when interested parties are unable to resolve an issue through negotiations outside the courtroom. A lawyer experienced in these types of legal proceedings would know what options are available to overcome any legal obstacles that may arise in the process.

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