Mother charged with felony in high-profile child custody battle

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Mother charged with felony in high-profile child custody battle

Parents in Illinois often face continued legal challenges after divorce when achieving amicable solutions to problems relating to the care of their children proves difficult. A family court may be called upon to intervene in such situations. Most often, all involved adhere to a judge’s child custody orders, and everyone moves forward in life to the best of their abilities; however, this is not always the case.

A highly publicized custody battle between two parents in another state intensified when criminal charges were filed against the mother of five children. Felony charges against her include depriving the children’s father of parental rights. The woman has repeatedly accused her former husband of physical abuse against herself and her children. The mother’s claims have never been substantiated in court.

At one point, the mother was granted full custody of her children. One son is said to have published accusatory remarks against his father on Facebook. After some time, the court ordered that the mother move out of the children’s home and another guardian was appointed to care for them. That person later said she could no longer care for the children. When they were moved to another residence, two of the teenage daughters ran away.

The girls apparently lived at a ranch for more than two years, and the people who own the ranch are now facing charges for harboring runaways. The mother is awaiting trial, and child custody has been turned over to the children’s father. An Illinois attorney experienced in high-profile custody battles would be able to assist any parent in the state facing serious legal problems such as those described in this situation, as well as those attempting to negotiate issues of a less intense nature.

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