Television star, grandfather says no modifications have been made

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Television star, grandfather says no modifications have been made

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2016 | Child Custody

Family relationships regarding the care and upbringing of children sometimes become contentious. It is not always parents fighting each other; sometimes grandparents argue with parents about what is best for a child. This may pose significant legal challenges for some Illinois families, as well as others throughout the nation, especially when requests for modifications of court orders are made. Celebrities are not immune to the drama, and a debate is currently raging between reality star, Todd Crisley, and his son, Kyle.

Crisley is reportedly a self-made millionaire who stars on the hit television show, “Crisley Knows Best,” with his wife and other family members. His 3-year-old granddaughter has been on the show. The ongoing battle between Crisley ( the legal guardian of the child) and his son (the girl’s father) is centered around whether she will appear in the new season episodes. The child’s biological father has apparently stated that he does not want his daughter to continue in her involvement on the show.

Crisley has publicly stated that he has legal final decision-making authority over his granddaughter in situations where he and her parents disagree. The mother of the child has apparently told reporters that Crisley’s son won a recent court battle and the child will no longer appear on the TV show. However, Crisley has claimed that her comments are not true.

“Crisley Knows Best” fans in Illinois and elsewhere will have to wait and see whether statements about the court making modifications to existing orders regarding the little girl are true. In the meantime, anyone facing similar legal problems may contact an attorney for advice. A family law lawyer can work to protect a legal guardian’s rights while keeping a child’s best interests at heart.

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