Company striving for agreement in contract negotiation

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Company striving for agreement in contract negotiation

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2016 | Contract Disputes

Illinois business owners understand that it is not uncommon for disputes to arise when it comes to agreements between workers and management. A company owner typically strives to resolve such issues in an expeditious manner, since ongoing problems can impede the overall productivity and profitability of a business. Owners of a large food store chain are currently engaged in an ongoing contract negotiation with a group of union laborers who are threatening to strike if they do not get what they want.

The contract between at least 10,000 workers and management was set to expire at midnight on a recent Saturday. Employees have agreed to maintain their duties while the ongoing negotiations take place. However, the workers have been given authorization to stage a labor strike if company owners do not agree to meet their demands.

The food store chain consists of more than 200 stores in New England. Management representatives have stated that the company is offering workers many amenities. Among the favorable conditions store owners say they have included in the proposed new contract are increased wages, paid time off and low premium health benefits. The company has further stated that it has a successful history of reaching fair agreements with union workers.

Whether an amicable solution will be achieved in the current contract negotiation between the company and its laborers remains to be seen. Company owners in Illinois facing similar situations may turn to an experienced business and commercial law attorney for guidance. Often, sound legal counsel and effective representation can help business owners protect their interests and obtain agreeable outcomes when facing legal challenges due to contract disputes.

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