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March 2016 Archives

Television star, grandfather says no modifications have been made

Family relationships regarding the care and upbringing of children sometimes become contentious. It is not always parents fighting each other; sometimes grandparents argue with parents about what is best for a child. This may pose significant legal challenges for some Illinois families, as well as others throughout the nation, especially when requests for modifications of court orders are made. Celebrities are not immune to the drama, and a debate is currently raging between reality star, Todd Crisley, and his son, Kyle.

Being upfront can help boost a contract negotiation

Various troubling issues may arise when an Illinois business owner is attempting to sell a business to a new owner. Often, such situations occur during contract negotiation if a potential buyer discovers that a business owner has been less than forthright in discussing the details of a business's current standing. Whether regarding finances, inventory or customer-based issues, some experts say it is best to "tell all" right away to increase one's chances of a sale.

State outside Illinois considers child custody/alimony law change

Many Illinois couples who divorce understand the parenting challenges often faced by others in similar situations. While parents agree that the best interests of their children should be kept in mind when negotiating child custody matters and similar issues, problems often arise when an attempt to define "best interests" is made.  At least one other state has recently debated legislation that would change child custody and alimony laws, bringing both praise and criticism from those who have considered the implications of newly proposed laws.

The importance of experienced negotiators in contract disputes

Illinois business owners are familiar with many types of signed agreements used in the course of both day-to-day and long-term business affairs. Whether contracts are between an employer and workers, or other companies or service providers, they remain integral parts of business transactions, productivity and even profitability. When contract disputes arise, they can cause immediate impediments to the overall operation and success of a business.

Company striving for agreement in contract negotiation

Illinois business owners understand that it is not uncommon for disputes to arise when it comes to agreements between workers and management. A company owner typically strives to resolve such issues in an expeditious manner, since ongoing problems can impede the overall productivity and profitability of a business. Owners of a large food store chain are currently engaged in an ongoing contract negotiation with a group of union laborers who are threatening to strike if they do not get what they want.