Finding legal help for child custody issues in Illinois

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Finding legal help for child custody issues in Illinois

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2016 | Child Custody

Former spouses or parents who have never been married may find themselves facing issues concerning the current or future care of their children. Often, such legal challenges seem insurmountable if both parties involved are not willing to negotiate matters in an amicable fashion. In such cases, it is important to know how to retain legal help when one determines it is needed to achieve an agreeable solution to child custody problems or other such issues.

McCarthy & Allen are attorneys dedicated to serving clients throughout Southwest Illinois, St. Louis and surrounding counties. We are prepared to help you protect and exercise your rights when it comes to keeping your children’s best interests at heart regarding custody issues, visitation rights or other family matters. Allowing an experienced attorney to act as your advocate in court may help streamline the legal process so you are not caught up in a lengthy courtroom battle.

Whether you are in need of assistance to seek a modification of an existing court order or have questions about state guidelines that govern child support issues, we are prepared to help you obtain clarification and resources that will provide you the information needed to make informed decisions. Our legal team is committed to offering sound legal counsel to help you resolve your familial disputes and obtain a fair outcome. Your current legal challenges are our priority and we will guide you toward a successful result in a confidential and economically feasible fashion.

If you are seeking legal advice regarding business valuations, child custody and visitation rights, property asset distribution after divorce or other family issues, you can begin the process of finding answers by contacting our law office in Illinois. You can arrange an appointment by dialing our toll free number. You can also contact us online by accessing the electronic form available on our website.

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