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February 2016 Archives

Bristol Palin says Dakota Meyer may have visitation, not custody

Former Governor Sarah Palin's daughter, Bristol Palin, is currently facing legal challenges regarding her 2-month-old daughter and the baby's father, Dakota Meyer. Many parents in Illinois might relate to Bristol's situation, battling with the parent with whom one shares a child for custody or visitation. Such matters are often decided in court, and it makes sense to secure the guidance of an experienced family law attorney.

Illinois couple mentioned in recent child custody debates

All states have rules and regulations regarding the adoption of children. In fact, Illinois is known for having some of the strongest adoption laws in the nation. In recent times, some couples, including one couple residing in the state, have reportedly circumvented adoption agencies and other governing bodies through a practice known as "re-homing," where an adopted child is transferred from one home to another and child custody rights are signed over to the new parents without first being processed through the state-regulated system.

Finding legal help for child custody issues in Illinois

Former spouses or parents who have never been married may find themselves facing issues concerning the current or future care of their children. Often, such legal challenges seem insurmountable if both parties involved are not willing to negotiate matters in an amicable fashion. In such cases, it is important to know how to retain legal help when one determines it is needed to achieve an agreeable solution to child custody problems or other such issues.

Careful contract negotiation often key to successful business

Illinois business owners may face any number of legal challenges when it comes to the structure and development of their businesses, matters related to property management or business relationships with other entities. Careful contract negotiation is often key to successful business practices. Problems may arise, however, when one or more parties to an agreement fail to fulfill the obligations and responsibilities contained therein. Effective negotiation may help one avoid such issues.