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January 2016 Archives

Soccer star Kei Kamara may be delayed due to contract negotiation

Many Illinois residents enjoy following major league soccer competitions, and likely, most know who MVP finalist Kei Kamara is. Some may be surprised to learn, however, that Kamara did not join his team mates when training camp for the upcoming season opened on a recent Saturday. Some say the athlete's delay is connected to a request for a new contract negotiation.

Handling the finances of an Illinois divorce

It's been suggested that approximately three out of every 1,000 marriages came to an end in 2014. Some couples filed for divorce; others received annulments. Regardless of the type of dissolution an Illinois couple files for, one commonality among them is that breaking up a marriage can be financially devastating to those involved.

Pop icon, Madonna, engaged in child custody battle over son

Pop superstar Madonna, now age 57, has four children, two of whom are adopted and two born from different fathers. She has been involved in an ongoing child custody battle over one son, whose father lives in another country. The singer recently appeared in a court outside Illinois to await a judge's decision about whether her 15-year-old child would be permitted to remain abroad permanently, or be returned to her residence in the United States.

Potential legal issues regarding child custody in Illinois

Regardless of individual circumstances surrounding a divorce, former spouses who have children together often face legal issues concerning their future care. Child custody matters are highly personal and tend to evoke strong emotions from both parents. Illinois parents who find themselves unable to resolve such issues amicably can seek legal intervention by contacting an experienced attorney in the area.