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Yolanda Foster and husband plan to divorce after chronic illness

Illinois spouses whose marriages have suffered due to the stress and challenges of a spouse's chronic illness may be able to relate to television star Yolanda Foster and her soon-to-be former husband, David. Yolanda recently spoke publicly about the toll she believes her Lyme disease took on her marriage as well as her plans to divorce. Illinois couples who have struggled to keep a marriage together while dealing with the medical, emotional and financial issues that have arisen because of a serious illness may find themselves also facing legal issues if their efforts to remain together do not succeed.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star told her interviewers and audience that she prefers to focus on the things that were right in her 4-year marriage rather than spew blame or distasteful comments about her husband to the public. She said that she will always cherish the time they had together and that they were simply not able to resolve the issues that arose during her attempt to survive Lyme disease. She explained that having a long-term illness is very challenging and often changes the entire dynamics of a marital relationship.

The 51-year-old star said that dealing with a chronic illness is difficult for both the caregiver (in many cases, a spouse) and the patient. Some who viewed a recent taping of Yolanda's medical treatment stated that the demise of the marriage was noticeable in certain sarcastic remarks the couple made toward one another during the filming of the reality show. In similar situations, couples may find themselves searching for legal help when they decide to divorce after dealing with a chronic illness. 

An experienced Illinois attorney would be able to advise those who have concerns about spousal support, ongoing medical bills or other legal issues surrounding an intended divorce. Such situations are never easy, and it is often difficult to adjust to a new lifestyle after having lived with a spouse for many years. The emotional trauma of such circumstances may be somewhat alleviated through sound legal counsel and effective representation in seeking a settlement that is agreeable to all involved.

Source:, "Yolanda Foster Opens Up About Divorce: "Chronic Illness Changed Our Dynamic"", Sophie Vokes-Dudgeon, Dec. 9, 2015

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