Finding legal help when seeking modifications to court orders

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Finding legal help when seeking modifications to court orders

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2015 | Family Law

Illinois couples who divorce often resolve legal issues surrounding the future care and upbringing of their children. Every family situation is unique and each faces issues particular to their lifestyle, daily needs and overall family dynamics. Each parent is obligated to comply with any court orders rendered as resolutions to those issues. Life is an ever-changing event, however, and sometimes circumstances arise where a parent determines a need to seek modifications to an existing court order.

At McCarthy & Allen, we can provide legal counsel to help you resolve such issues and seek a fair outcome on your behalf. Child custody and visitation are typically priorities for those who desire an active and ongoing relationship with their children after divorce. If a job change or new residence in another location is going to affect your current court-ordered plan, it is sometimes possible to request that the plan be modified to suit your current needs in order to fulfill your parental obligations.

In addition, child support payments sometimes need to changed for one reason or another. Whether you are the recipient or the payer, if you are in need of an adjustment to the current agreement, we can guide you through the legal process necessary to make that request. It is important to act within the law when seeking an increase in child support payments or when a need has arisen to pause or reduce payments for any given length of time.

The Quinn Law Firm in Illinois can be contacted by phone or through our website. Our experienced legal team is equipped to address all family law issues. We are dedicated to helping you exercise your rights with regard to simple or complex legal matters concerning modifications of court orders, divorce, business valuations or other family law situation you may be facing.

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