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December 2015 Archives

AT&T contract disputes may inconvenience cable subscribers

In Illinois and elsewhere, companies often enter into contracts and agreements that may affect the general public in certain ways. Contract disputes between those companies may cause inconveniences to customers who pay for certain types of service which, due to the disputes, may be disrupted. One such situation developed recently between AT&T and Griffin Communications. It may cause some cable subscribers in another state to lose some of their viewing channels.

Visitation sometimes matter of dispute during holiday season

Most Illinois parents who divorce want what is best for their children regarding new family lifestyles and how they pertain to the children's overall emotional and physical well-beings. When former spouses bicker over even the smallest of details regarding child custody or visitation, it can be stressful for all involved. Readers may be surprised to know that some raging disputes include seemingly benign issues, such as with which parent children will spend Christmas.

Book sellers protest new operating agreements

The business world in Illinois and beyond has expanded in recent years. The Internet has created the opportunity to increase income exponentially for those with products to sell. Some business owners offer hard copy products; others market items in digital forms. This modern sales territory has created a number of legal issues, including those recently mentioned in a lawsuit filed by two independent books stores. They say that new operating agreements required by a particular law are in violation of their constitutional rights.

Yolanda Foster and husband plan to divorce after chronic illness

Illinois spouses whose marriages have suffered due to the stress and challenges of a spouse's chronic illness may be able to relate to television star Yolanda Foster and her soon-to-be former husband, David. Yolanda recently spoke publicly about the toll she believes her Lyme disease took on her marriage as well as her plans to divorce. Illinois couples who have struggled to keep a marriage together while dealing with the medical, emotional and financial issues that have arisen because of a serious illness may find themselves also facing legal issues if their efforts to remain together do not succeed.

Finding legal help when seeking modifications to court orders

Illinois couples who divorce often resolve legal issues surrounding the future care and upbringing of their children. Every family situation is unique and each faces issues particular to their lifestyle, daily needs and overall family dynamics. Each parent is obligated to comply with any court orders rendered as resolutions to those issues. Life is an ever-changing event, however, and sometimes circumstances arise where a parent determines a need to seek modifications to an existing court order.