Contract disputes between unused casino and power company

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Contract disputes between unused casino and power company

On Behalf of | Nov 24, 2015 | Contract Disputes

Illinois business owners are likely aware of the frequency with which business transactions involve contracts between two or more parties. From structuring to property management to leasing agreements, business owners are familiar with the various types of contracts that may be integral to the building, functioning and maintenance of an enterprise. When contract disputes arise, one or more parties may decide to seek legal action in the matter in order to protect business interests and ensure that all participants in a contract are held to their agreements.

A current dispute in another state involves the owners of a closed casino and an energy supplier. The two entities are embattled over a fee disagreement that has left the enormous building without fully functioning utilities. Building owners claim that the lack of power is leaving the structure predisposed to potentially severe property damage.

The disused casino is owned by Polo North Country Club Inc. ACR Energy Partners reportedly sent a recent proposal to the casino owners. A federal judge issued a date and time by which Polo North must respond. In the meantime, the Department of Community Affairs ordered that limited electricity continue to be supplied to the casino in order to keep fire sprinklers and safety equipment running.

Since the skyscraper no longer has hot water, some say the winter months will bring the threat of bursting pipes and serious property damage if the contract disputes are not resolved and full power is not returned to the casino building. Contract disagreements with power supply companies or other outside entities might be familiar to some Illinois business owners. In such circumstances, it is typically advisable to seek assistance from an experienced business and commercial law attorney in order to determine how best to proceed to resolve the issue.

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