Are you an Illinois resident involved in a child custody dispute?

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Are you an Illinois resident involved in a child custody dispute?

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2015 | Child Custody

Illinois readers may be among those facing legal issues within their own families. During such times, it is typically beneficial to seek the help of an experienced legal professional when there seems to be no means for an amicable resolution to the issues at-hand. Issues involving child custody often become a central focus in a separation or divorce. It is advisable to discuss the details of one’s circumstances with a qualified lawyer who has experience in family law negotiations.

At McCarthy & Allen, we are dedicated to offering effective representation to those facing a variety of legal disputes within their families. As your personal legal advocate, one of our attorneys will immediately take steps to help you pursue your goals. In addition to business valuations, alimony and issues pertaining to property division, child custody and visitation is a frequent concern for spouses choosing to divorce, often resulting in a quest for legal assistance.

Whether you need clarification of state laws and guidelines governing the court’s potential decisions on such matters, or you seek the modification of an existing court order, our legal team can protect your rights and act with your best interests at heart. Developing a co-parenting plan for the future care and upbringing of children after divorce can be both complicated and stressful. However, a seasoned legal representative can alleviate some of that burden by assisting you in the creation of a plan that fits your needs.

Child custody issues in Illinois range from simple to very complex. Something most parents have in common, however, is that they want what is best for their children. McCarthy & Allen assures you that your family concerns will become our priority, and we will exhaust every available option to help you achieve your goals.

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