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November 2015 Archives

Contract disputes between unused casino and power company

Illinois business owners are likely aware of the frequency with which business transactions involve contracts between two or more parties. From structuring to property management to leasing agreements, business owners are familiar with the various types of contracts that may be integral to the building, functioning and maintenance of an enterprise. When contract disputes arise, one or more parties may decide to seek legal action in the matter in order to protect business interests and ensure that all participants in a contract are held to their agreements.

Are you an Illinois resident involved in a child custody dispute?

Illinois readers may be among those facing legal issues within their own families. During such times, it is typically beneficial to seek the help of an experienced legal professional when there seems to be no means for an amicable resolution to the issues at-hand. Issues involving child custody often become a central focus in a separation or divorce. It is advisable to discuss the details of one's circumstances with a qualified lawyer who has experience in family law negotiations.

Child custody battle crosses United States border

In Illinois and beyond, a parent who suspects that his or her child has suffered abuse at the hands of the child's other parent can take steps to file for child custody in an effort to protect the child from further harm. A recent incident involved two parents who are engaged in a child custody battle. This particular case is unique in that the mother is living in the United States, but the father resides in a jurisdiction outside the nation's borders.

Gwen Stefani will share fortune with Gavin Rossdale after divorce

Illinois couples and others often enter into prenuptial agreements prior to marrying to protect their assets should they ever divorce. This is especially typical for those with significant fortunes, which is why it surprised many that superstar Gwen Stefani and her soon-to-be former rocker spouse, Gavin Rossdale never signed one. Stefani has earned millions upon millions more than her husband; thus, media rumours abound, stating that he was prepared to go to trial to get his share in the divorce.