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October 2015 Archives

Cash depot vs ATM re contract disputes in case outside Illinois

Various businesses, in Illinois and elsewhere, often enter into contracts with one another regarding services that one business is hired to provide for the other. Depending upon the individual circumstances of each situation, a signed agreement might be fairly simple or quite complex. Regardless of whether there is lots of "fine print," those who place their signatures on a written agreement are bound and obligated to uphold it. Contract disputes become an issue when one party claims the other did not adhere to an agreement.

Father seeks protection for son through child custody case

In Illinois and throughout the United States, some couples who choose to divorce become engaged in courtroom battles over the future care and upbringing of their children. Child custody is among the most commonly litigated issues. In one such recent case, a father has stated that he thinks authorities should do more in order to protect his son.

How to find legal help re contract negotiation issues in Illinois

It is most likely a safe assumption to say that anyone involved buying, selling or owning a business is probably familiar with contracts. Various business transactions include contracts. It is also likely that where there are contracts, there will, at times, be contract negotiation disputes between parties. If you have questions or concerns about business contracts in Illinois, it is good to know that there is legal help available in the area.

Will you pay taxes on alimony in Illinois?

Some divorces involve one former spouse making payments to the other former spouse in order to provide continued financial support as he or she moves forward in life. This type of post-marital payment is known as alimony, though it is not always ordered by the court in a divorce. Typically, if a divorce decree includes provisions for alimony, then certain tax laws will apply to both the payer and the recipient. Illinois residents might wish to note a recent case that pertained to this issue.

Illinois home builder disputes sometimes involve city government

A recent disagreement between a city government and a private community member has made the news. The Illinois home builder disputes involve the construction of a garage roof at a man's home. The city filed a lawsuit, claiming that he was taking too long to get the job done.