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Illinois real estate transactions sometimes lead to legal dispute

It is not uncommon for many Illinois residents to be involved in the buying or selling of commercial real estate at some point in their lives. Often, such real estate transactions can be quite complex, and the processes therein can become intimidating for those involved. When a dispute or legal argument arises under such circumstances, it is often necessary to contact a business and commercial law attorney for help.

At McCarthy & Allen, our dedicated attorneys are prepared to handle any case involving matters related to commercial real estate, regardless of the complexity or novelty of the situation. We are committed to offering effective legal counsel in all cases and handle residential transactions as well. Each of our attorneys has practiced in the field of real estate law throughout their entire careers.

We can help you assess the details of your individual case in order to determine all options that might be available in your favor. If you are facing property tax disputes, building defects, zoning issues or a situation that involves failure to disclose, we are prepared to offer personal and customized assistance to help you achieve a positive outcome. With more than 50 years of combined experience in our law firm, we are committed to providing personalized guidance and sound legal counsel for all types of real estate issues.

If you are currently involved in commercial real estate transactions in Illinois and have found yourself facing unresolved legal issues in the process, you can call the office of McCarthy & Allen to schedule a consultation and seek experienced guidance in the matter. We offer flexible appointments for your convenience. You can make appointment by calling our toll free number or using the contact form accessible through our website.

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