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September 2015 Archives

Sears vs mall over contract disputes in a state outside Illinois

A battle has remained ongoing for the past three years, involving the Sears corporation and a shopping mall outside the state of Illinois. The contract disputes are connected with an upper level of space located above the Sears store in the shopping mall. Mall owners have been adamant in stating that Sears has no right to sublet the space above its store without first seeking approval from both the owners of the mall and the city in which the mall is located.

Illinois family lawyers can help with child custody issues

Illinois couples who choose to divorce can find themselves facing any number of legal issues where the future care and upbringing of their children is concerned. Legal matters involving child custody and visitation can evoke strong emotions and, if not negotiated amicably, can result in discord and embattled arguments as each parent attempts to reach a settlement that serves his or her best interests, as well as those of the children involved. It might be of comfort for those in such circumstances to know that there are legal professionals in the area who are experienced in handling child custody cases in court.

Illinois real estate transactions sometimes lead to legal dispute

It is not uncommon for many Illinois residents to be involved in the buying or selling of commercial real estate at some point in their lives. Often, such real estate transactions can be quite complex, and the processes therein can become intimidating for those involved. When a dispute or legal argument arises under such circumstances, it is often necessary to contact a business and commercial law attorney for help.

Illinois residents will want to note, alimony affects income tax

Some current statistics suggest that nearly half of all marriages in the United States end in divorce. Ending an Illinois marriage obviously results in many changes in the lifestyles of those involved. Various aspects of a divorce can have a significant effect on personal financial documents, such as income tax returns. Alimony is an example of a common divorce component that can change the way a former spouse files his or her tax return.

Illinois mother turns to public for help with divorce fees

Not every Illinois marriage remains intact until the  death of one of the spouses. For various reasons, a couple sometimes decides to end a marriage through divorce. Each situation is different and many spouses who choose to end his or her marital union also decide to seek legal counsel in the matter. Others turn to friends and family for help.

Child custody among family law issues Illinois residents face

In an era when statistics suggest that nearly half of all marriages end in divorce, it is not uncommon for those in Illinois who are in such circumstances to face a number of other legal issues in the process. Often, child custody is among those issues, as well as other matters involving the best interests of the children whose parents have chosen to separate. These situations can be emotionally charged and complex and typically necessitate retaining legal counsel.