Child custody among family law issues faced by some in Illinois

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Child custody among family law issues faced by some in Illinois

On Behalf of | Aug 18, 2015 | Family Law

Married couples in Illinois who enter the process of separation or divorce face a variety of legal issues pertaining to family law. It is important to ensure that personal rights are protected and the best interests of both parties are kept in mind during proceedings. When child custody is among the issues being discussed, strong emotions are sometimes evoked, and it can become difficult for spouses to reach amicable solutions to their problems.

In such situations, it might be helpful to discuss the issues at hand with a legal professional who has experience in family law cases. Madison County attorneys McCarthy & Allen provide personalized representation and effective legal counsel for those who wish to achieve a peaceable and positive outcome in their case. When the well-being of children is a main focus of a divorce or separation, entrusting oneself to the guidance of an experienced attorney can mean the difference between achieving an agreeable solution or struggling through a stressful, long-lasting battle wrought with discord.

Property division, alimony and modifications of business contracts are other matters often requiring negotiation when a couple chooses to divorce. Our attorneys are dedicated to helping you obtain a fair outcome in your case. We will see to it that you are able to exercise your rights, regardless of the complexity of  the marital issues you face.

In Illinois, you can contact McCarthy & Allen family law attorneys in order to schedule a consultation to discuss any questions or concerns you have regarding child custody, business valuations, visitation rights or other family legal issues. We will do our best to arrange a time that is convenient for your schedule. You may contact us by phone or through the online contact form accessible through our website.

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