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August 2015 Archives

Breach of contract claims filed against company in Illinois

When two or more parties enter into a lawful business contract, the conditions and stipulations of that contract are binding. If one of the signed parties refuses to honor the contract or fails to perform any action or service required by the contract, it is sometimes grounds for legal action against the party deemed in violation of the agreement. Such breach of contract claims were recently filed by Wencel Worldwide Inc. against Resource Automotive Company in Illinois.

Child custody dispute turns chaotic

In Illinois and elsewhere, parents involved in legal matters concerning their children are often driven by strong emotions that can lead to intense battles between the adults. Most parents wish to keep the best interests of a child at heart when attempting to resolve child custody issues. A recent case underscores the fact that, sometimes, things can get way out of hand and law enforcement agents become involved.

Determining alimony in Illinois courts and beyond

Among the issues often disputed and/or mediated during divorce are those involving who will get custody of the children, how various items of property will be divided and valuations of businesses owned by one or both spouses. Additionally, it is common for the court to render decisions regarding alimony, including how much will paid to whom and by whom. Every state, including Illinois, has its own laws that determine what factors are to be taken into consideration when setting payment amounts for alimony.

Breach of contract claims filed against auto dealership

In Illinois, as in other states, when a person or company is unjustly enriched at the expense of another, there might be an obligation for restitution to be made. In a recent case, breach of contract claims were filed by a company that says it was hired to place advertisements online for a car dealership. According to the advertiser, the company never made good on the payments due.

Child custody among family law issues faced by some in Illinois

Married couples in Illinois who enter the process of separation or divorce face a variety of legal issues pertaining to family law. It is important to ensure that personal rights are protected and the best interests of both parties are kept in mind during proceedings. When child custody is among the issues being discussed, strong emotions are sometimes evoked, and it can become difficult for spouses to reach amicable solutions to their problems.

Azealia Banks says contract disputes keeps her from making music

A popular female rap artist recently used a social network to explain to fans why she has no plans to make new music in the near future. The situation involves contract disputes with her current record label, located outside the state of Illinois. This is the second disagreement that she has had in recent times with various recording companies.

Illinois custody and visitation help available

Child custody, property division or other issues faced in many divorce proceedings can be complicated and stressful to those involved. It might be of comfort for Illinois residents to know that family law help exists in their area. Many issues regarding visitation or other issues can be resolved and a positive outcome reached in an amicable manner with the assistance and guidance of a legal professional who has experience in family law cases.

Some Illinois real estate transactions include property trades

Many people in Illinois enter into agreements and contracts for the buying and/or selling of privately or commercially owned property. Some real estate transactions don't involve the purchase of property per se. Rather, they contemplate the exchange of property between property owners. A recent intergovernmental agreement includes the University of Illinois and the town of Normal.