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July 2015 Archives

Legal help available for Illinois real estate transactions

In Illinois and all other states, business deals occur on a daily basis involving the buying and/or selling of real estate properties. Illinois residents will want to know that there is legal counsel available to those who need it regarding real estate transactions in the state. Transactions involving business properties often pertain to areas of both state and federal law. Accordingly, it is typically beneficial to consult with an experienced attorney before proceeding into litigation or entering into a contract of any kind.

Keeping kids' best interests at heart in child custody cases

Illinois parents who are in the process of divorce will want to make certain that they keep their focus centered on the overall well-being of their children as they attempt to negotiate the terms of their agreements. Issues of child custody, visitation and other matters pertaining to the relationship the children will have with their parents in the future can sometimes be complex and complicated. A recent publication offered practical suggestions about how to keep the focus on the children.

Contract disputes sometimes arise in Illinois business agreements

The many facets of a business require those in ownership or a working relationship to negotiate, cooperate, compromise and conduct any number of other amicable actions in order to maintain a productive, successful company and avoid dispute. There are times when businesses in Illinois and elsewhere, however, become wrought with discord and disagreements about things like expansion, control, raising capital funds or planning for the future. Contract disputes are among the issues that sometimes necessitate legal assistance in order to achieve a positive outcome for all involved.

There are several types of child custody in Illinois

Spouses who enter divorce proceedings often have to face issues that concern more than just themselves. Many times, there are children involved in situations where marriages end in divorce. Such circumstances naturally bring a number of important issues to the surface, among them, child custody and visitation agreements. In the state of Illinois and beyond, there are various types of child custody, as defined by law, and couples divorcing who have children will want to take note of the potential options.

Orders of protection sometimes involved in Illinois divorce

In Illinois and throughout the United States, when proceedings take place to obtain a divorce or address matters of child custody and/or visitation, issues at hand can become quite complex. When allegations of domestic violence or abuse exist, a spouse pursuing divorce, including custody of a child, sometimes files for an order of protection against the other spouse. This can be requested as a means of protecting a child who is thought to be at risk for abuse from the other parent.

Illinois business formation involves many legal issues

In recent times, many Illinois residents have entered the world of the entrepreneur by launching their own businesses and/or marketing their own products online and in brick and mortar marketplaces. Those considering business formation of any kind will want to take note of the sometimes complex issues that might arise in the process. Enlightening oneself to state and federal laws and regulations and seeking clarification of legal issues might help prevent stress as one begins to build a business legacy.