Pluses and minuses to running your business at home

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Pluses and minuses to running your business at home

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2015 | Business Formation & Planning

Rather than maintaining office space in a building somewhere, many small business owners choose to work out of their homes. Working at home is something that someone starting a new business, especially a sole proprietorship, may want to consider. But while it has many advantages, working at home can also have drawbacks to keep in mind. An article in USA TODAY presents some of the pluses and minuses.


  • You save money from not renting office space, furniture and so on.
  • Your commute is no longer than from your kitchen to your home office.
  • Many find they are more productive away from the distractions of an office.
  • No dress code.
  • You can set your own work hours. Work at night if you want to.
  • Much of your business equipment and mileage is tax-deductible.


  • Sometimes, the line between “business” and “personal” space can get blurry, making your home cluttered.
  • Despite there being no office distractions, family, pets and household chores can be distracting too.
  • Finding an appropriate place to meet with clients can be tricky.
  • Working alone at home can be isolating.
  • You may feel pressure to work all the time.

Deciding where you will do most of your business could play a big part in determining whether the business will succeed or fail. So too can legal matters, like how you organize your business, and whether your workers are employees or not. Those unsure how they want to set up their new business may wish to consult with a business law attorney.

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