Legal issues sometimes arise in a family owned business

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Legal issues sometimes arise in a family owned business

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2015 | Closely Held Businesses

In Illinois, there are a number of businesses that provide service to the their communities in a variety of ways. A family owned business might be among those that face legal issues at some point with regard to their transactions. Most business owners want to make certain that they have a clear understanding of applicable laws and regulations from the time of their start-up throughout the expansion and duration of their enterprise.

At McCarthy & Allen, our attorneys are experienced in offering customized assistance to clients faced with circumstances involving business and commercial law. Whether your needs are tax based or related to partnership agreements, leasing or the purchasing and sale of a business, we offer personalized guidance that can help you find resolutions to problems and achieve a positive outcome regarding the legal issues you now face. Our legal team has over 50 years of collective experience providing support and dependable service that addresses the individualized needs of each client’s case.

Those who own and run a family business often wish to include the business in an estate plan. Attorneys at McCarthy & Allen are prepared to help with your business succession planning as you take steps to document your wishes concerning the legacy you plan to leave to others at the time of your death. We can also assist those who are faced with legal issues regarding the structuring and drafting of other types of contracts.

Whether you are involved in a larger scale commercial enterprise or a smaller, family owned business in Illinois, scheduling an appointment with a member of the McCarthy & Allen legal team can be the first step toward a successful resolution to any business legal issues. You can contact us online or by calling our office to set up a meeting. Your satisfaction is our prime focus.

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