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May 2015 Archives

University says dorm's floor construction makes it ugly

While most of the construction litigation we discuss on this blog has to do with accusations of work that left the building crumbling or unsafe, that is not always the case. In the case we will discuss today, the plaintiff admits that the building the defendant firms worked on is perfectly safe. Instead, the case is about whether the builders’ work is nice to look at.

How a subcontractor shows it is legitimate in Illinois

When a construction job is large or complex, it is common for more than one company to be involved. The builder hired by the owner may in turn reach agreements with other companies to perform certain portions of the construction. These secondary businesses are known as subcontractors, because they contract with the primary company, known as the general contractor.

Court throws out condo document amendment in construction suit

A court ruling from outside of Illinois shows how complex dealing with complaints from a condominium’s homeowner’s association of alleged construction defects can be. Homeowner’s associations usually have governing documents, which are open to interpretation and can be amended over time.

What you can ask for after your business contract is breached

Whether an Illinois business is accused of breach of contract, or it is the one claiming another party broke its promises, there could be a great deal of money at stake. The circumstances of the alleged breach determine how much the plaintiff might claim in damages.