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April 2015 Archives

The difference between obvious and hidden construction defects

Some construction defects are obvious, perhaps even to a layperson. Other times, the new construction or remodel seems to have been done properly, but a hidden defect is lying in wait, potentially able to cause serious damage to the property.

What should be included in a good business plan

No matter how promising your idea for a new business might be, you will be very unlikely to succeed without a plan. A written business plan helps solidify in your mind what the business will be, and how you will structure it. Also, any owner or group of owners hoping to get a business loan will need to show the bank a good business plan.

Illinois financial adviser settles govt. complaint

An Illinois financial planning firm has settled claims filed against it by the state Department of Insurance that the business misled customers. Afterward, the owner of the firm said in The State Journal-Register that none of his customers ever complained about his services, and denied that he defrauded any of them.

When is it a business contract -- and when is it not?

Virtually all business contracts include a promise from at least one party to do something, or to not do something. But not all promises are contracts. The difference can be very important, because while a valid contract can be enforced by law, your business may not be able to go to court to force someone to fulfill a mere promise.

Judge rejects injunction on Wrigley Field's new video board

The Chicago Cubs prevailed in federal court recently, allowing its massive $375 million remodeling of Wrigley Field to continue. The judge in the case dismissed claims from nearby rooftop clubs that the stadium’s new video board blocks their view of the field.