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March 2015 Archives

The basics of commercial real estate evictions in Illinois

The tenant of a commercial space has possession of the office, workspace or storefront, but the landlord still owns the place. Most landlord-tenant relationships go smoothly in Illinois, but sometimes landlords feel they must evict a commercial tenant.

Illinois judge orders auto shop owner to change its name

What’s in a name? When you or your family is well-known in business circles, putting your name on the front door of your business can mean quite a bit. The public’s recognition and positive association of your name could mean a significant boost in business, compared with a less personal company name.

Categories of construction defects explained

Most construction jobs end with a finished, well-built home or place of business. Occasionally, however, something goes wrong after construction is complete, and the owner accuses the contractor of allowing a defect to occur. If the construction company and the owner cannot settle the matter out of court, it may be necessary for the company to defend itself in court.

What remedies can your business get for a breach of contract?

When a party your business has a contract with commits a breach, your company can suffer significant financial damages and other drains. If you and the party cannot work out a solution on your own, it may be necessary to take the matter to court.

When a business partnership goes wrong, part II

In our last post, we began telling the story of a business partnership between two cousins that seemed successful for a while, but wound up in court. We will now discuss the outcome of the lawsuit, which is a cautionary tale about choosing the right partners for your business, and making sure everyone is on the same page regarding its operation.

When a business partnership goes wrong, part I

A good partnership in a small business can be profitable and enjoyable for all partners. But a troubled partnership can lead to the courthouse, if things get bad enough. Though the following case does not take place in Illinois, it provides a good example of a business partnership where the partners do not have a meeting of the minds about their respective rights.